Announcing Azure Mobile Service managed client SDK 1.3 alpha with Offline support

Today we’re pleased to announce pre-release version 1.3 of Azure Mobile Service managed client SDK that includes frequently requested feature of offline.

We've heard from you that you want a fast and snappy experience in your apps, to be able to download data locally on the devices and query it the same way as you are used to. You want to be able to modify the data even if there is no connectivity and you want to synchronize the changes when the app is online.  

With this release we’re introducing set of APIs that will make it very easy for you to build apps that are fast and responsive and work without connectivity. We encourage you to try out the new nuget package that we've released Azure Mobile Services SQLiteStore 1.0.0-alpha and give us feedback about the API surface. We’re keen to listen to your feedback and improve the APIs to address all your offline and occasionally connected app needs.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting more content and guidance regarding how to use these APIs. For now please refer to the following sample and tutorials:

Please feel free to contact us on twitter @AzureMobile and forums for feedback.