Azure Active Directory Preview Updates

We would like to announce some updates relating to the preview of Windows Azure Active Directory as an authentication provider for Mobile Services. You may have already seen some changes in the Mobile Services documentation. We will continue to roll out such updates, and we wanted to explain them here.

Please note that while the following updates are public-facing, AAD integration remains in preview. If you would like to enroll in the preview, please email

We recently published some additional documentation relating to the feature, including a tutorial for connecting the services and updated sample content. In coming updates, we will also be updating the client SDKs to include the WindowsAzureActiveDirectory enum value which can be passed to the login method. Although this value is available for all developers, unless the preview is enabled for your subscription, you will still not be able to login with AAD.

Authentication with AAD is a great enabler for enterprise application scenarios. Developers can easily leverage the Mobile Services authentication experience to sign-in employees with their corporate credentials. Again, if you're interested in trying out AAD authentication for Mobile Services, let us know at