Source control credentials issue & fix

This is to inform you about a possible impact on "Windows Azure Mobile Services - source control preview feature" in the next few days.
We are working with the Windows Azure Web Sites to migrate to a unified source control credentials so you don't need to maintain two set of credentials (one to talk to Web Sites and another to talk to Mobile Services)

Upon migration, you will see one of the following two impacts on the Mobile Services source control preview feature.
1.       If you are already using Web Sites on the same subscription, you will be able to use the Web Sites source control credentials for Mobile Services source control. If you used different credentials for Mobile Services, they will no longer be effective after migration. If you like, as before, you have the option of resetting source control credentials under the “DASHBOARD” tab.
2.       If you are not using Web Sites on the same subscription, then you will need to create new credentials. To do so, please log into the Azure management portal, select the right subscription, click Mobile Services icon on the left, select one of the Mobile Services set up for source control, go to the “DASHBOARD” tab and in the “quick glance” section on the right side below the graph, click “Set up source control” and provide a login id and password.
Your existing sources will remain intact in both the cases mentioned above. Only the credentials may be impacted.