Take advantage of native integration with Notification Hubs

SDK 1.1.4 has just been released for Windows Store and Phone 8, with support for push notifications through Notification Hubs.

Till today, you had two choices for implementing push notifications in Mobile Services: use the provided node modules that required explicit channel management, or go through the added effort of integrating with the more feature-rich Notification Hubs.

Today, we release the full integration of Notification Hubs in Mobile Services, which simplifies common scenarios removing the need of explicit management of push channels, and provides:

  • Advanced targeting using tags and tag expressions,
  • Broadcast at high scale,
  • Personalization and localization using templates.

You can enable it in the push tab of your Mobile Service

Then, all you need to do to enable start pushing notifications is to register from the client app:

await MobileService.GetPush().RegisterNativeAsync(channel.Uri);

And push from your scripts:

    text1: 'Hello!'
  }, {
    success: function (pushResponse) {    
      console.log("Sent push:", pushResponse);
    error: function (pushResponse) { 
      console.log("Error Sending push:", pushResponse);

No more Channels table and feedback channels!

Note that .NET Mobile Services only support push through Notification Hubs. You can follow the step-by-step tutorial for Windows Store and Phone apps.

If you are interested in migrating your Mobile Service push to take advantage of Notification Hubs, we have uploaded a migration guide.