What's new in Azure Mobile Services SDK 1.1.1

These are the major highlights for 1.1.1 SDK:


- Now has built in support for retrieving the system property columns on tables (__updatedAt, __createdAt, and __version). These can be retrieved using the new systemProperties property on the table:

 MSTable *todoItem = [self.client tableWithName:@"todoItem"]; 
todoItem.systemProperties = MSSystemPropertyAll;
[item objectForKey:MSSystemColumnCreatedAt];

- We also now support optimistic concurrency, which you will get when you ask for the version column.  The iOS tutorial is not available yet, but you can review the Windows Store tutorial for optimistic concurrency here

 // Enable optimistic concurrency by retrieving __version
todoItem.systemProperties |= MSSystemPropertyVersion;

  Then, after an update, you can check the error for a conflict:

 if (error.code == MSErrorPreconditionFailed) { // Handle Error }

Managed SDK:

- With the latest update, you will notice that the nuget package will no longer install in projects targeting Windows Phone 7.  For more information see this blog post

Additional details on this version can be found on our github change log