What's new in Azure Mobile Services SDK 1.1.2

The major highlights for the 1.1.2 release are:


- Now is built to include the arm64 architecture, allowing apps to include the arm64 as a build architecture.  If you haven't already, you should check Apple's 64bit transition guide before updating your app.

- Applications built with the SDK can no longer target iOS 5.1.  You can continue to use version 1.1.1 or earlier if you need to build apps for iOS 5.1.

JavaScript SDK:

- Now has support for the system property columns.  These can be retrieved using the .systemProperties property on the table:

   var table = client.getTable('todoItem');
   table.systemProperties = WindowsAzure.MobileServiceTable.SystemProperties.All;
   item.__updatedAt // Access system property

- Also support optimistic concurrency, which you will get when you ask for the version column (or all columns):
   table.systemProperties = WindowsAzure.MobileServiceTable.SystemProperties.Version;

  When you call .update() you can then check the error for a conflict:

   table.update(item).then(function (item) {
          // No conflict, success
     }, function (error) {
          if (error.request && error.request.status === 412) {
              // handle conflict

Managed SDK

- Fixed issue 192: Serialization issue when working with doubles in oData queries

- Fixed issue 201: Update Nuspec to fix PCL support on Windows Phone 8