Azure Compliance in the Context of New Zealand Security and Privacy Requirements White Paper Now Available

imageMicrosoft Azure is a trusted cloud-based platform that provides Microsoft customers with the ability to realize the benefits of cloud computing. This white paper addresses questions posed by customers in New Zealand who are considering a move to the cloud. Questions such as how secure is cloud data, where is data stored, how is it used, and who can access it are common. These types of questions usually relate to one of three areas – compliance, security and privacy.

From a compliance perspective, the way Azure is designed, built, operated and independently certified enables government agencies to meet the security and privacy requirements established by three key New Zealand information security and privacy mechanisms: the Protective Security Requirements, the NZ government Cloud Computing Risk & Assurance Framework and the Privacy Act 1993.

Microsoft Azure Compliance in the context of New Zealand Security and Privacy Requirements paper is written for IT decision makers in New Zealand who are considering whether to move their data to Microsoft Azure, the paper addresses questions such as, Does Microsoft Azure meet New Zealand’s compliance requirements? where is data stored and who can access it? what is Microsoft doing to protect data? how can a customer verify that Microsoft is doing what it says?

The paper provides guidance for organizations in New Zealand on compliance requirements, and how key security and privacy principles can help address their concerns.



Tom Shinder
Program Manager, Azure Security
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