Potential Refresh Issues with the Azure Security Center Power BI

imageHello Azure Security community!

Yuri Diogenes (CSI Enterprise Mobility and Azure Security team) here. We recently receive a report that some customers are experiencing a problem with Azure Security Center Power BI daily refresh report. By default a refresh is scheduled to take place in the daily basis, after a few times of successful refresh the daily refresh starts to fail. When it fails an email is sent to the user alerting him about the failure as shown below:


Note: although there is a failure to refresh the data, the user will still be able to see the dashboard, however it will not be up to date.

If the user tries to manually refresh the dashboard, he will get a message informing him that his credentials are not valid. 

To remediate this issue, follow the steps below:

In PowerBI, click Settings:


Click Datasets, select Azure Security Center in the left, click Data source credentials and then click Edit credentials:


Type the correct information, which includes:

  • The subscription number
  • The authentication method (oAuth2)
  • The user’s credential

Once you finish, you should see the following message on the right top corner of the screen:


Note: For further information regarding PowerBI credential error, read Troubleshooting Power BI Gateway – Personal.