New Microsoft Virtual Academy Course–Introduction to Azure Security Center

imageThe hits just keep coming this week!

We’re happy to announce a new Microsoft Virtual Academy source titled Introduction to Azure Security Center

Here’s the description of the course headed by a stellar array of Azure Security Center PMs (Sarah Fender, Gilad Elyashar and Tomer Teller):

Looking to combat today’s enterprise security threats? Want to respond to and recover from security incidents more quickly? Learn how Azure Security Center helps you prevent, detect, and respond to threats with increased visibility and control over the security of your Azure resources. And see how Azure Security Center uses advanced analytics to identify attacks that might otherwise go undetected.

Join a team of experts for this Azure Security Center training, as they show you how to stay ahead of current and emerging threats. Explore cloud security policies that enable you to recommend and monitor security configurations, easy deployment of integrated Microsoft and partner security solutions, and real-time security alerts.

1 | Overview

Learn how to combat today’s threats. See how Microsoft defined a new approach to security and how Security Center, a new Azure service, can enable customers to protect, detect, and respond to threats.

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2 | Security Roles

Explore how the different roles responsible for cloud security are using Azure Security Center to meet their security management, monitoring, and incident response needs.

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3 | Prevention Deep Dive

See how Azure Security Center hardens cloud deployments by setting policies, monitoring the security state of virtual machines, virtual networks, databases, and applying security recommendations.

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4 | Detections Deep Dive

Get the inside scoop on how Azure Security Center detection algorithms use threat intelligence, behavioral analytics, and anomaly detection to identify threats and to help you respond and recover.

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We hope you enjoy the presentations and learn what you need to know to get a start with securing your assets in Azure. If you have questions, please ask below and we’ll get back to you quick!  



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Program Manager, Azure Security
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