Update on Operations Management Suite (OMS) Security

Microsoft Azure has two heavy hitters when it comes to security.

First and foremost is Azure Security Center. We’ve spent a lot of time talking about Azure Security Center on this blog and will continue to do so – if you’re not a user of Azure Security Center, then you’re missing out on a powerful Azure security service that can help you increase the security of the solutions you deploy in Azure. Make sure to check it out and enroll your subscriptions in Azure Security Center.

To get started with Azure Security Center, check out the article Azure Security Center Quick Start Guide.

Our second big player is the Operations Management Suite. Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) is Microsoft's cloud based IT management solution that helps you manage and protect your on-premises and cloud infrastructure. If you don’t know about OMS, check out the article Operations Management Suite.

We recently released some great content to help you understand and use OMS to help you with security and auditing. Check out these articles:

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