Your Guides to Azure Security Center

imageOne of the best things about the release of a new service in Azure is combing through the docs to learn all about it, and I know you’ll want to do that with Azure Security Center.

If you’re book sort of person, a table of contents goes a long way at allowing you to “eyeball” the subject and drill down on the things that look interesting to you.

So, for all of our Azure Security fans out there, here’s a table of contents for Azure Security Center docs as it stands today, July 21st 2016.

Keep in mind that this is not the entire list of docs! There are links inside many of these docs that will connect you with more Azure Security Center information – this list will get you started.

Enjoy the learning experience and make sure to let us know if you have questions! Just put your questions in the Comments section below and the Azure Security Center team will get back to you with answers.

Overviews What is Azure Security Center? Service Overview Pricing Azure Security Center FAQ Data Security Get Insights with Power BI

Get Started! Azure Security Center Planning and Operations Guide Azure Security Center Quick Start Guide

Prevention Set Security Policies Implement Security Recommendations Monitor Security Health Monitor Partner Solutions

Detect and Respond Detection Capabilities Manage Security Alerts

Develop Rest API

Stay Current! Azure Security and Compliance Blog Blog #security Azure Security Information Hub Azure Security Center MSDN Forum

There you go! Happy reading…



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