Creating an AJAX-Friendly WCF Service Screencast Published

I just published a 24 minute screencast on Channel9 on creating an AJAX-Friendly WCF Service.  You may be asking yourself what 'AJAX-Friendly' means.  To me (and to WCF), it means exposing the ability to call a WCF service from an AJAX client in just a few lines of code.  Prior to WCF 3.5, this was not possible.  With WCF 3.5 came our Web-Friendly binding: webHttpBinding.  That binding has two endpoint behaviors.  One of the endpoint behaviors is called enableWebScript and that is what I refer to as our 'AJAX-Friendly' profile.  To put it simply, this endpoint behavior provides the ability to generate a client proxy script that you can use to call your service.  In this screencast, I will illustrate to you how to take advantage of this binding and endpoint behavior.