VSTS 2010’s Project Types for SharePoint 2010

With the same behavior as the many other project types developers are familiar with in Visual Studio, the VSTS 2010 release includes new projects specific to SharePoint 2010. I will be walking through each of these types of projects & how you can use them, but for now, here is a taste of what’s available in VSTS 2010 if you’d like to work with SharePoint 2010:


Here is a list of the default SharePoint 2010 project types within Visual Studio 2010 that are available to you as a developer:

  • Empty SharePoint Project
  • Visual Web Part
  • Sequential Workflow
  • State Machine Workflow
  • Business Data Connectivity Model
  • Event Receiver
  • List Definition
  • Content Type
  • Module
  • Site Definition
  • Import Reusable Workflow
  • Import SharePoint Solution Package