TSQL for database size, data and log available size

What are our databases sizes in SQL Server?

How much space is Available?

How can I prevent the automatic auto growth of data and log files? How can I be notified if there is not enough space in the log file?

It will be really good to consolidate all the SQL servers with their databases with the space information and notifications can be set regarding to the result of the query below

 --database sizes, log sizes, used spaces, available spaces
USE master;
if not exists (select name from sys.databases where name = 'SQLAdmin')
    create database SQLAdmin
declare @name sysname 
declare @cmd varchar(4000)
DECLARE databases_cursor CURSOR FOR
SELECT name FROM sys.databases where state in (0)
order by name

create table #database_file_space_info (
    database_name sysname, file_size decimal(15,2), file_space_used decimal(15,2), file_type tinyint

create table #database_space_info (
    database_name sysname, database_size decimal(15,2), 
    data_size decimal(15,2), data_available_size decimal(15,2), 
    log_size decimal(15,2), log_available_size decimal(15,2)

OPEN databases_cursor;

FETCH NEXT FROM databases_cursor into @name;

set @cmd = 'use [' + @name + ']; 
insert into #database_file_space_info
SELECT ''' + @name + ''' as database_name, 
CONVERT (numeric (15,2) , (convert(numeric, size) * 8192)/1048576) file_size,
CONVERT (numeric (15,2) , (convert(numeric, FILEPROPERTY(name, ''SpaceUsed'')) * 8192)/1048576) file_space_used,
type file_type
from sys.database_files files
exec (@cmd)
   FETCH NEXT FROM databases_cursor into @name;

--select * from #database_file_space_info order by database_name asc

insert into #database_space_info(database_name, database_size)
select database_name, 
sum (file_size) database_size
 from #database_file_space_info
group by database_name 

--data available_space
update #database_space_info
set data_size = B.data_size ,
    data_available_size = B.data_available_size 
from #database_space_info A
join (    select database_name, 
            sum (file_size) data_size, 
            (sum (file_size) - sum(file_space_used)) data_available_size 
        from #database_file_space_info
        where file_type not in (1)
        group by database_name) B on A.database_name = B.database_name

--log available space
update #database_space_info
set log_size = B.log_size,
    log_available_size = B.log_available_size
from #database_space_info A
join (select database_name, 
            sum (file_size) log_size, 
            (sum (file_size) - sum(file_space_used)) log_available_size 
        from #database_file_space_info
        where file_type in (1)
        group by database_name) B on A.database_name = B.database_name 

database_size [database_size (MB)],
data_size [data_size (MB)],
data_available_size [data_available_size (MB)],
log_size [log_size (MB)],
log_available_size [log_available_size (MB)]
from #database_space_info order by database_name asc

drop table #database_file_space_info
drop table #database_space_info

CLOSE databases_cursor;
DEALLOCATE databases_cursor;