Frequently asked Questions for ACT-to-BCM

I am switching from ACT 6.0 to BCM 2007. During the importing process I get the error message "Some errors occurred while your data was being imported. Wrong file version”

Open the “ .bcm” file converted from ACT File, change its header's version from "3.0" to "3,0" (or the correct format according to the Windows locale, you can check that in control panel->regional and language options -> Standards and formats)and try to import that “ .bcm” file again.

I would like to convert ACT 9.0 to BCM.

The SP1 release supports conversion of ACT 9.0 to BCM

I have ACT 6.0 on an XP machine. My new Vista 64 computer has BCM 2007 but will not allow me to install ACT. Do you have any ideas on how to migrate to BCM on the new computer?

On the Vista 64 machine, copy the ImportUtility folder from C:\Program Files\Microsoft Small Business\Business Contact Manager and paste it into the XP machine. Run BcmImportUtility.exe on the XP machine, and convert ACT data into a bcm file. Bring this .bcm file into the Vista 64 machine and convert all your ACT data.

Converting ACT 6.0 gives the choices: Contact, Group, and Product. I would like to convert "Company"(ACT) to Account"(BCM), but it's not listed.

Company Field in ACT started from ACT 7 onwards. It is not there in ACT 6.