Frequently Asked Questions for Database

I have Business Contact Manager 2007 Integrated with MOA in a sharing scenario on Small business server with SQL 2005. One of the shared user changed windows password and now cannot access the database.

  SQL Database should be set to log on as local system account

In a shared scenario, files that are linked or files part of an email are not being stored in the database?

Email and attachments cannot be currently stored in the BCM db to avoid consuming all the database space.

SQL Express using lot of memory on my system

Install free download “SQL Server Management Studio Express” for setting Max
Info on why this is helpful:

Download Source: “Managing SQL Server Express”

Installs to Program Files/Microsoft SQL Server 2005

User Instructions:
Open SQL Server Management Studio Express
Connect to SQL database
At Object Explorer, right click on Server Name to provide Properties Dialog
Select Memory
Enter desired Maximum Server Memory (Recommended not less than 100MB)

Where my database is physically located?

Databases are physically created at

C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Local Settings\Application
Data\Microsoft\Business Contact Manager

I recently upgraded my machine from XP to vista with office 2007. How do I get my old BCM on office 2007 using my backup files?

You need to back up BCM database on XP and restore it after upgrade to VISTA. If the user accounts are different after upgrade, you need to run Outlook as “Run as Administrator”.

Can I use BCM 2003 to connect to a shared database created by BCM 2007 ?

All the BCM clients needs to be of same version

What is SQL server instance Name for BCM 2007?


What is the difference between “.sbb” and “.msbcm” back up files and SQL “.bak” files?

.sbb” or “ .msbcm” files are the compressed version of “ .bak” file. “ .sbb” file also contains an xml file to keep some generic database information such as language and the version of the database.