Apps made in Belgium: new in the Store #3

Summer’s in town and you can certainly feel that today in Belgium – it’s the hottest day of the year and also the hottest August 2nd ever recorded here … No better day to give you an update on what’s new from Belgian developers in the Windows and Windows Phone Store! This is the 3rd post in a series of blog posts to highlight new additions (if you missed the first posts, you can find them here).

Apps made in Belgium

Give these Store newbies a try and give feedback to your fellow developers:

Windows 8 Windows Phone


CineCameo CineCameo Movie planning app for Cinéma Cameo in Tamines, Belgium.   TrafficChat TrafficChat TrafficChat connects you with other people stuck in the same traffic jam as you.
Guild Wars Guild Wars : Toolbox Collection of tools for the game Guild Wars 2.   WinRunner WinRunner Track your fitness activities using the Healthgraph from Runkeeper.
Oasis Oasis Fruitbox Beat mixing and grooving with the fruits from Oasis!   KortrijkParking KortrijkParking Real-time view on available parking spots in Kortrijk, Belgium.
Internet Tiles Internet Tiles Organize all your favorite web pages in this handy app.   Battery Monitor Battery Monitor Shows the current percentage of available battery life of your Windows Phone.

Get inspired by these recently published Belgian apps and build your own app this summer. Join the Developer Summer Quest today and win great prizes:


Build a Windows Store app for Windows 8 and publish before September 15.  Prizes Windows 8 App Enter the contest here and you may win: Moodlamp, Lumia 820, Surface RT
Build a Windows Phone app and publish before September 15. Windows Phone App Prizes Enter the contest here and you may win: 8-bit sunglasses, Lumia 520, Surface RT