Free Classroom Training: Touch Development For The Slate PC

Windows Slate PCIn this 1-day, free of charge (for MSFT partners), classroom training you will learn hands-on (pun not intended Smile) how you can build touch-optimized applications for touch-enabled devices such as the Slate PC. We will provide you insight in the different capabilities of the platform and show you how and when to use each one of them.

As building a great touch experience requires more than coding skills, we will also focus on user experience (UX) design principles and typical touch screen design problems.  Learn first-hand from the pioneers in usability, Human Interface Group, how you can sharpen your designer skills and take your application to the next level.


TouchTouch refers to the way Windows lets you interact directly with a computer using a finger. Compared to using a mouse, keyboard, or pen, touch is often much more natural, engaging, and convenient.

While touch is traditionally associated with Tablet PCs, it is becoming common on ordinary computers. The Windows Tablet and Touch Technology is a standard component of Windows Vista and Windows 7, so any compatible computer has the ability to take advantage of touch if it has the appropriate hardware. As a result, computer manufacturers are now including touchscreens in ordinary laptops and even in desktop monitors.  As touch spreads from Tablet PCs to other types of computers, software program developers and designers will find it increasingly important to support touch as well.

Remember, all Windows programs should have a great touch experience!


May 9th, from 9:00 – 17:00

Microsoft Innovation Center (
1, Boulevard Initialis
7000 Mons

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