IIS Media Services 4.0 released, support for multiple devices

Earlier this week, the media team released Internet Information Services (IIS) Media Services 4.0.
As Chris Knowlton blogs, this latest release brings quite a number of new features, including low-latency delivery and support for multiple devices.

Quoting from Chris’ post:

One Encoding Format, One Server, Many Devices – including iPhone

Using the same live H.264 streams you encode for Silverlight and other Smooth Streaming players running on PCs, Macs, Linux, Nokia S60 phones, Windows Phone 7, and set-top-boxes, IIS Media Services can now re-package those streams in real time for delivery to iPhone , iPad, and other Apple® iOS devices. It's as simple as clicking a checkbox. Under the hood, IIS Media Services re-packages (transmuxes) the H.264 and AAC content into the Apple HTTP Live Streaming format, which iOS devices natively understand.

Read the full details on Chris’ post, and go on to download and install the latest bits.

IIS Media Services 4.0 is a free out-of-band release on top of Windows Server 2008, Internet Information Services.