MSDN Meeting recording & links – MIX 2010 update (Silverlight 4, IE9, Windows Phone 7 dev)

Last week Gill Cleeren and I presented the MSDN live meeting “MIX 2010 Announcements Update”, where we talked about the main MIX announcements and shared resources. You can find the session video recording as well as the slides below. To make it easy I’m listing the main resources discussed in the session here:

Windows Phone 7 event in Belgium – May 31

As I mentioned during the session, we are organizing the first Belgian Windows Phone 7 Developer Hub on May 31st, at Living Tomorrow in Vilvoorde. 
It will be a half day event presented by both local and Microsoft corp speakers, giving a full overview of how to develop applications for Windows Phone 7 using Silverlight and XNA.
Free event but seating is limited so don’t forget to register in time.

Recurring MSDN Live meeting events – your feedback is welcome.
Every two to three months, Gill and I will be presenting these types of updates around Web development technologies. Don’t hesitate to let Gill or me know what you would like to see during these events.
Do you prefer overview sessions bringing you up to speed with the latest announcements or do you prefer less topics but more in-depth on a certain item? Feedback is welcome.

Session downloads (video and presentation)

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