Upcoming Microsoft Developer Camps (September - November) in Belgium

September is here! Back to school for our kids, but also at work things are speeding up again after the summer break.
To help you improve your skills, we've got a number of free Developer Camps lined up in the next few months for you to join.

Developer Camp

Do you want to learn how to build apps for Windows 8, but don't really know where to start? Sign up for one of the 'Making your first Windows 8 app' training days:

24 September (Brussels): sign up
26 September (Kortrijk): sign up
16 October (Mons): sign up.
24 October (Genk): sign up

If you're a web developer HTML, CSS & Javascript have no secrets to you. Learn how to build apps for Windows 8 in HTML5 in a 1 day training session:

18 September (Mons): sign up
5 November (Mons): sign up.
6 November (Brussels): sign up
7 November (Genk): sign up.
14 November (Kortrijk): sign up.

If you want to know the ins & outs of developing apps for Windows Phone, we've got you covered:

30 September (Mons): sign up
7 October (Genk): sign up
9 October (Brussels): sign up.
6 November (Kortrijk): sign up
12 November (Mons): sign up

Lastly, we've also got a number of camps planned where we'll show you how to add a cloud backend to your app (with Windows Azure Mobile Services):

9 October (Kortrijk): sign up
17 October (Genk): sign up
23 October (Brussels): sign up
4 December (Genk): sign up.

As mentioned above, all of these camps are FREE to join, so don't delay, register today!