MSAM - More than just MSDN?

Those who've joined me at the live MSDN Events might be aware that the team I'm part of is broader than just developers. It's called Microsoft Across America or MSAM for short, and consists of event programs in a variety of areas. One of these I was actually quite close to over the last couple years, specifically the one that deals with Partners. The TS2 event series provides a lot of really great information to how to leverage the Microsoft relationship for small and mid-sized companies that have recognized the value and want to realize the growth potential of partnership.

They are currently launching a number of efforts, but one in particular stands out. I wanted to let you know about the Midmarket Events Blog Site. Check out this site every few days, and gain a clearer understanding of what your customers are up against and how to help them overcome the odds with Microsoft technology and solutions.

You’ll learn about challenges and current issues that are top-of-mind for c-level executives, operations and financial professionals. We will share with you insight using business value that will help you to position and sell Microsoft’s latest technologies including the 2007 Microsoft Office system, Microsoft Dynamics™ ERP Solutions, and Microsoft Windows® SharePoint® Services.