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MSDN Events is back! It's a new year and this week I'm back on the road delivering MSDN events again. The topics we're covering include ASP.NET Membership, IIS 7.0 and Hacker Tricks...we show how the exploits work and what you can do to prevent them. In the presentation we've got a number of links to more information and to make it easier I'm including those links here for easy access.

These links include the following:

IIS 7.0 - What's new for developers - Introduction to IIS 7 Architecture - IIS7 Configuration Reference

MSDN - Hosting in Windows Process Activation Service - Your Web Platform Security - Configuring the IIS7 Runtime

Mike Volodarsky Blog -  Developing IIS7 web server features with the .NET framework

ASP.NET Provider Model

MSDN - Provider Model Design Pattern and Specification, Part 1

MSDN - Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Providers: Introduction

MSDN - ASP.NET Login Controls Overview

MSDN - Web Site Administration Tool Overview

MSDN Mag - Client-Side Web Service Calls with AJAX Extensions

MSDN - Client Application Services

AdventureWorksLT Sample Database

MySQL Connector - NET 5.1

Security Hacks

Anti-XSS Library v1.5 Download

Open Source Web Application Project - Top 10 Exploits 2007

Exploit: Cross Site Scripting - Paypal

Exploit: SQL Injection -

Exploit: Cross Site Scripting - FTD

Exploit: Insecure Direct Object Reference - Cahoots

Exploit: Integer Overflow - Apple