Next up on MSDN Radio – Mark Wilson-Thomas Talks about the WPF & Silverlight editor in Visual Studio


MSDN Radio continues to bring in the experts. On Monday June 21 (register here) we’ll have Mark Wilson-Thomas from the Visual Studio Product Team.  Mark is a Program Manager on the "Cider" team, which builds the WPF and Silverlight Designers in Visual Studio. He is responsible for the layout and visual designer features of the designer. Prior to joining developer division Mark worked in Microsoft Services as a Development Lead, building large scale web-based UIs for the UK Government, the BBC and others.

Both WPF and Silverlight take advantage of a powerful new paradigm for declaratively creating user interfaces that leverage the graphics power innate in modern personal computers. As we move that same technology into the phone space and beyond we need developer tools that work the way we do. Visual Studio has been evolving with the advances in WPF and Silverlight, and in the latest release includes a number of great facilities to simplify and improve productivity in the UI development process. Join us on Monday when we sit down with one of the primary drivers of these advances Mark Wilson-Thomas. He’s been active speaking at conferences around the world and comes to our studios to answer your questions. Join the conversation by registering today at or subscribe to the rss feed for the whole series at

Mark would like to point listeners to the Cider Blog  which has an increasing number of useful posts helping folks learn to use the designer productively, and to the MSDN forum where they can interact with the team and raise questions & issues. If people are interested they can also follow Mark on Twitter at @MarkPavWT (