SharePoint and AJAX Style Web Parts

In yesterday's webcast I had the pleasure of having an expert on SharePoint and AJAX talk about bringing these two compelling technologies together. Todd Bleeker (from MindSharp, a SharePoint consulting firm based in Minneapolis) when thru the various steps required to create AJAX web parts in SharePoint. We looked at the basics of how to build web parts, as well as deployment steps to make sure it works. This included:

  1. Compile the code into an assembly
  2. Make sure the assembly is signed (using sn.exe as needed to create keys)
  3. Mark the assembly as Safe in the web config of the app
  4. Make sure it's Trusted
  5. Deploy the assembly to the site

There were some great questions around how to work with Code Access Security with these and Todd suggests looking at a white paper by Brett Lonsdale.

I just posted the code Todd created on, so go ahead and check it out.