[New CrmDiagTool 3.0.5300.25008] Xtra IIS, SRS test and AD Search

Hi all,

Fouad Rachkidi & I cooked for you the new version of the CrmDiagTool.


Fouad mailed me and proposed me some Xtra tests he wanted to implement in the tool and gave me the source code he prepared for this (IIS, SRS, XML).

We integrated this code together into the CrmDiagTool.

I wanted to add an Active Directory searcher for our CRM Group as well in the tool and after fixing some bugs, Fouad finally made it work for us J


Here are the changes in details:


- Retrieve the bindings of all web sites present on the CRM Server (IP Address, Port used and Host Headers)

Retrieve all all the AppPools on the server and their Identity


Output snippet:


+ General IIS related Information

   List binding info for all web sites

   Web Site N°: 1

    |-Name/Comment: Microsoft CRM v3.0

    |-IP Address: (All Unassigned)

    |-Port Number: 80

    |-HostHeader: (No Host Header)

   Web Site N°: 1091467543

    |-Name/Comment: My Web Site

    |-IP Address:

    |-Port Number: 45645

    |-HostHeader: HELLO

   Web Site N°: 1091467543

    |-Name/Comment: My Web Site

    |-IP Address:

    |-Port Number: 456

    |-HostHeader: BONJOUR

   List all Application Pool and their Identity

   |-CRMAppPool run as: NetworkService

   |-DefaultAppPool run as: NetworkService

   |-ExchangeApplicationPool run as: LocalSystem

   |-ExchangeMobileBrowseApplicationPool run as: NetworkService


- Xtra SQL Reporting Services configuration retrieve: WAVirtualDir, WAConfigFilePath, RSVirtualDir, RSConfigFilePath,etc….. SRS Build number..


Output snippet:


   WAVirtualDir = http://W2K3VPC/Reports

   WAConfigFilePath = C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Reporting Services\ReportManager\RSWebApplication.config

   (CHECK THE <ReportServerUrl> TAG INSIDE THE RSWebApplication.config)

   RSVirtualDir = http://W2K3VPC/ReportServer

   RSConfigFilePath = C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Reporting Services\ReportServer\RSReportServer.config

   (CHECK THE SecureConnectionLevel Value 0=Least secure, 1=Minimally secure, 2=Secure, 3=Most secure INSIDE THE RSReportServer.config)

   (CHECK THE <UrlRoot> TAG INSIDE THE RSReportServer.config)

   SRS Version = 8.0.1038.00


- XML Parser version check for the client


- Fax Router Service Information added


- Re-add the Platform & Performance Tracing facilities for the Desktop Client.


- Active Directory searcher for PrivUserGroup and SQLAccessGroup: This will retrieve the membership of those groups and some other properties.


+ Active Directory Information

   [PrivUserGroup] Information:

   sAMAccountName: PrivUserGroup {e3cc5819-27ee-457c-a5a4-e74832950de7}

   distinguishedName: CN=PrivUserGroup {e3cc5819-27ee-457c-a5a4-e74832950de7},DC=CRM3,DC=com


     |-CN=W2K3VPC,OU=Domain Controllers,DC=CRM3,DC=com

   [SQLAccessGroup] Information:

   sAMAccountName: SQLAccessGroup {e3cc5819-27ee-457c-a5a4-e74832950de7}

   distinguishedName: CN=SQLAccessGroup {e3cc5819-27ee-457c-a5a4-e74832950de7},DC=CRM3,DC=com


     |-CN=W2K3VPC,OU=Domain Controllers,DC=CRM3,DC=com


We hope you will enjoy the new version.


Kind regards

Fouad and Benjamin