Type, don’t look!

Just a quick tip for Windows Phone users regarding the onscreen keyboard. Most people I’ve talked to who complain about using an onscreen keyboard have a common issue. They are looking at what they type. This is their biggest mistake. When I first started using my Samsung Focus device I was getting a little frustrated with the results of my typing as well. I’d hit a wrong key then back up and fix it then hit another wrong key and back up and fix it too. Then I discovered the secret. Don’t look at what you are typing until you are done. This provided me two benefits: (1) I can look at the keyboard instead which helps while you are getting used to the size of a different keyboard and (2) I started to let the phone’s amazing keyboard do its thing.

Stop fighting it. Its really very smart.

Don’t try to out smart it. Blaze away at the keys as best as you can and then look up only when your sentence is finished. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how few corrections you have to make at this point… and you just might start to impress people with your newly found speed texting skills.