All that sticks for 2006

Well, I've had 2 weeks off from work, one week of that spent seeing relatives, and the last week being sick, so you could argue I've been in an altered state....perhaps the perfect environment to look at the past year and the coming year, make pithy comments, and drink eggnog.

A large part of 2005 for me was without weekends. Yep, that's gotta change. Though some of those non-weekends were in foreign lands, which I dug.

A large part of 2005 was fixing gotdotnet - which is already changing - we are working even more closely with ops folks to ensure certain things stay stable. Essentially we got to a good point with gotdotnet in the spring, I went off to foreign lands drinking with the famous or infamous at various TechEds to talk about my other area, blogs, and I come back to a bumpy Whidbey conversion and some personnel/org changes. I spent a lot of 2005 crabbier than I wanted to be, which (ahem)  meant folks around me suffered ("when the blog queen ain't happy ain't nobody happy" - same goes for the "when the GDN princess ain't happy...." ). 

2006 will be different because it's finally working through to the right foundation - gotdotnet's not moving from .NET Framework 2.0 for a while now, and once we 64-bit ourselves, there's not many rugs left to be pulled out from under us. The blog sites I run will be evolving as well, again, because Telligent has also made larger code changes to the underlying Community Server in order to improve things.

I'm really too ironic a person to do a lot of corporate singalongs but I think 2006 is going to be a great year for collaborative community development. A lot of work went into 2005 to get us out of the trenches and into the higher ground; now we just need to build our wares and talk to more of you.  Also, I'm no longer coughing up my lungs on a daily basis, so things are looking good.

Cheers, and this nog's for you!