- open for your XNA games!

Launch day! 


Everyone here in cubeland is drinking coffee, a bit foggy, and eating the breakfast sent in to celebrate the site going up (crepes and eggs and bacon). Folks are downloading the new Game Studio 3.0  and well they should...that's the version of the tools and framework that will make your game approve-able and sell-able on the new Xbox LIVE marketplace, NXE coming soon. We figured folks needed the lead time to convert their 2.0 games, get used to the new international interfaces, and the improvements we made during the beta. It doesn't hurt to pre-load the system and be a first mover and this window gives you the opportunity.

Sean Jenkin is singing out the new moments - "first forum post to the Zman!" "we've got our first game project!" "another new account created!".  I made Vernon wear the Signoff Hat from Cirque de Soleil (will bug Cyrus for a photo he took) while he sent out the official "we launched email" thanking the internal teams that have helped us pull this one off.

I haven't yet had much to say much about the CEA panel I did - though the folks on it were super nice - because I'm going to roll some of the info from that into another post I am writing. But one thing I did say in Las Vegas,  and which Julien and I chatted about yesterday is - the image in our minds is that college student, that underdog, that indie dude - that one person in the photo, smiling and waving the check of the money they made off their bestselling community game.

 There's always a bunch of hard moments lived behind the scenes when a team does a new thing like this - late nights, sorting out process, really really bad jokes. I mean, really bad. But you pull through because you have this one vision in your head, and for me, it was that photo-yet-to-be-taken of someone like you,making your dream come through into a real day.

Can't wait to see what you come up with - live it vivid!