Kickboxing through molasses, or, the ancient curse

First, I'd like to offer my sincere apologies as program manager for Gotdotnet - the only one left standing I might add, except for Texas Ops Ranger Clayton  - for the fact that both the site and Workspaces was down today.

I know that Workspaces started acting, well, tetchy over the weekend. I was actually online on Sunday and saw it happen, and started flagging the ops folks at that point. Little did I know what would await for me (and you) this morning.

So, we had a hardware failure the day before a big bugfix. The irony does not escape me. I'd fall on my sword now, except it makes more sense to fall on the gin.

In case you are wondering, we DO do data backups. When we bring that database server back from the dead, we will be putting it back the way it was over the weekend. We've been in constant communication with the datacenter folks all day. I've been trying to answer GDN customers all day in between this stuff. Working on Gotdotnet ops has been a bit like Groundhog Day crossed with Mortal Kombat, there' s a handful of people in a leaky boat out to save the world...and you see the weird ninja dudes over and over. And frankly, there's a lot of techno in this sound track.

Like I said, the irony is that Workspaces is finally getting the additional attention it deserves. Finally we have a bugfix team, finally we are nailing down those impossible-to-repro problems people are having. Tomorrow we will spend going over the Workspaces application with a fine-toothed comb to see what this event did and how it might affect the fix we want to do. I'll keep you posted. The site will be down tomorrow as scheduled. I can hear the eyes rolling now...

If anyone has any pull with the supernatural, we'd appreciate all you can do. :D

Live it vivid!