MSN Search and Me

I blogged about it on the MSN Search blog briefly, but as part of the new Betsy world I will be assisting that team with their blog. There are about a bazillion pms in there working on all sorts of stuff and we need to talk more about it.

This is a stretch for me - though I've been "Blog Queen" I never really had to do what I affectionately think of as "content wrangling" or  the  - ahem "- blog shakedown" like the IE and Exchange teams had to do.

Mostly because on this Betsy blog, it would be an internal blog shakedown monologue that went like this:

"Betsy, you know you haven't blogged in X weeks/days."

"Right but all I can talk about my new job now has to do with my cat having a grass stem up her nose."

"Ewww...I shouldn't."

(Devil in my ear: DO IT!)

Team blogging is more about the other guys' voices and other guys' products than me muscling in and putting my own wacky opinions on things. There's also more content obligation - a lot is going on, and making sure people get their posts up in a timely way is also a bit like air traffic control.

Fortunately for me, my own blog remains an outlet for my own creativity and low blogging standards. :)  Look to the MSN Search blog for what's really fit to print.

Live it vivid!