My First Sprite - the Bouncing Cod

Folks that have been reading my blog know that since I joined the XNA team, I have had this desire (fiercely impeded by my day job, laundry, car repairs, cat crises, and the tendency of my day job to be my night job) to write an XNA game.

You will note that, I did not say, impeded by the fact I don't know C#.  :)  That shouldn't stop you, either (though like me, you are eventually going to have to learn - but what better reasons than to make yer own games?!!!)

So, just as the journey of a thousand miles leads us to buying new running shoes and orthotics and painkillers, the journey to write an XNA game with the beginner's mind on the C# question begins with that 4-letter word of power - MSDN - and is assisted by that seasonal balm to the soul, eggnog lattes.

Dean, Charles, Cyrus and the great XNA UE team have come up with the basics to get those of us who can cut and paste, getting the gist. Check it out here......

I proffer snapshots below to show that I did indeed get my first cod sprite bounding around.

cod image 1















cod picture 2

 You will see me chronicle my adventures here in all honesty and good faith on this quest to write an XNA game. If I ask an XNA teammate something that you at home would not be able to ask (no, not "will you go to eat lunch in the cafeteria with me?", CODE stuff) I will also chronicle that here.

Tomorrow, I will try to make something collide! Mwahahaha.