New Community Experiment on MSDN Community Page

So my MSDN pal Tina dragged me to a yoga class at 6 in the morning today. I have never done yoga in my life, and as a highly wound-up individual, I felt it was high time to embrace my inner peace. Of course, I'm not sure my inner peace was even awake at that time, but perhaps that's the best strategy - nab it while it's sleeping.

Anyway, this very perky instructor started putting us through our poses and I could not keep them straight. We had tree positions. We had Warrior positions. We had Weekend(Weakened?) Warrior positions. I remember thinking as I stood with my face facing my feet and one leg straight up in the air, with my supporting ankle wobbling like a gyroscope, and an arm flailing like wet spaghetti, that someday all this would be easy. (Unlike a Weeble I wobbled and DID fall down).

Someday, I thought, getting my back up for the plank position, I'll be conditioned. My brain and my muscles would make those critical connections, and I'd be lunging, stretching and speaking with a calm voice that implies enlightenment. All of will become clear to me, and I'll achieve higher consciousness without coffee.

In lieu of that, all I can offer you is the new community components  now on the MSDN community home page: to the right of the picture of my elbow, you can see the lists of downloads, Knowledge Base articles, newsgroups and newsgroups threads that these components generate. This kind of dynamic components are a first for MSDN and we will be experimenting with them across the site. :-)

In working with our team and the folks to set these up ( you can see them on other sites like Windows Server  for example), I did a lot of learning about controls and the way MSDN pages are set up, and a fair amount of wobbling. For example, the lists look much nicer now, thanks to help I got from Kent Sharkey.

But at least a sample of them are there now (can you tell I like gaming? ;-0) to give you a taste of things to come. Let us know what you think.

And if you can do yoga and dev with, I salute you....probably from the hardwood of the gym floor!