Purple fame, purple fame - the home page of Channel 9

You could wonder why they picked May day (mayday!?!) to air my video on Channel 9 but since stuff goes on the home page all the time, if you don't find it there, here's the permalink

People have asked me what it's like to be interviewed by Channel 9.

On the one hand it's very easy - Charles and Jennifer are real people, very cool and the kind you'd want to talk with over a latte or beer anyway.

On the other hand, if you have been scarred for life as I have thanks to "professional presentation coaching" where they show you the video of yourself speaking, items like this can add years of therapy. However, it makes Mom happy, which takes away years of therapy so my current assessment is that it zeros out.

My real hope is that in some small measure it encourages women to go into tech, and men to support women going into tech. Or at least does not drive anyone away screaming.



PS the Erica Wiechers thing...

It's funny because when I first started work at MSDN as a site manager, I worked with Erica Wiechers and she had a fan club even then....and it is definitely evident in the posts to my video she still does. You go girl.