The Gotdotnet Blues - or is it?

Gotdotnet as mentioned in a previous post, tends to bring out strong emotions in people. It of course brings out strong emotions in its current program manager (me) because its my sworn duty to answer all email, fix all Workspace bugs, and look suave doing it. Er, at least not eat all the popcorn in the kitchen when I'm here at 2 a.m.

So, in my way-less-than-copious free time I decided to write a blues song, dedicated to the GDN team (especially mscom ops who has kicked serious butt in moving us toward stability), and to the customers that have stuck with us, joked with us, chided us, and kept the site a community like it's supposed to be. My guitar teacher Paul Benoit is the man on the guitar. It's in that spirit of never say die, never take it too serious, but make the code get better and better that I present the Gotdotnet Blues:

[And if you think I humiliated myself too much for some faceless corporation, remember: I didn't have to stand in front of a urinal to do it. Rory and Scott, you guys are just lucky I've got things to ship. ;-) ]

Live it vivid!