New Advanced SharePoint Webcasts...

Three of the SharePoint Academy and BPIO University courses I taught earlier this year are now available in webcast format. Many thanks to the sponsors on our product team, the Microsoft Information Worker community (global and local), content contributors, and MS Studios for making these possible. Now you can see what I look like when I'm reading from a teleprompter. :)

These webcasts contain a mix of standard material from the respective courses, as well as a number of my own contributions. Many of my contributions focus on material from areas of focus in my blog - customization, master pages, features, solutions, etc. - so thanks to all of you who've helped me enhance the content by sharing feedback, questions, and corrections to the original blogs.

I'm sure they'll end up on a landing page somewhere soon, but here are the public links:

Microsoft SharePoint Technologies Solution Architecture

Customizing and Extending Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies

Configuring the Business Data Catalog