Combining Technology and Marketing

A favorite topic of mine is creative (and fun or useful) marketing solutions that are built on the latest and greatest technologies. Related to this, my colleague at Microsoft, Adee Wada, just posted a blog entry about how marketers need to create or update their smartphone and table strategies. These are still new channels for many marketers, and what you can do with them makes them quite interesting. As Dan Heaf, Digital Director at the BBC said:

‘..the context is different, the interactions different between devices and screens. Those that understand that are poised to succeed.’

Adee and others make note of the need for good design with high-quality back-end system that, when working together, create great consumer experiences. From Microsoft, this means building with SDKs for:

  1. Cloud computing: Windows Azure
  2. Native Mobile Apps: Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8

Read the full article: CONTEXT MATTERS - Building Blocks for your Multi-Screen Strategy