Customer and Technical Facilities at Microsoft

When I tell people that I work at the Redmond MTC, I often get asked about other customer-focused facilities that showcase Microsoft products and technologies that are on the Redmond campus. Here is a list of them so you know what's available at our corporate headquarters. If you ever get the chance to visit them, please don't pass up the opportunity. They are all very cool.

  1. Microsoft Center for Information Work
  2. Microsoft Partner Solutions Center (the Redmond MTC shares the same space in building 25 with these guys)
  3. Microsoft Enterprise Engineering Center (old info, but still interesting)
  4. Microsoft Home (this and this has some sort of info about it)
  5. Microsoft Executive Briefing Center

I know there are other labs around campus too, but I'm not sure what their names are (Usability, MSN, the thing in building 20, etc.). Feel free to give me some feedback if you know of more, and their URLs, or if you've been to one of these facilities. I'd like to know what your experience was like.