Identity Management Challenges

We were presenting to, and discussing with, a customer at the MTC today about the benefits and challenges of identity management. This organization has a pretty complex environment (many environments really) and they know they need an IdentityManagement solution. Here are a few great resources for others out there who may be faced with identity management challenges:

  1. TechNet: A series of papers that provides numerous identity and access management concepts, techniques, and solutions for use in heterogeneous IT environments.
  2. How we did it at Microsoft: Enabling Cross-Forest Identity Management with Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003
  3. Resources for Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS) 2003
  4. How SOA plays in with Identity and Access Management
  5. And from the MIIS 2003 Developer Reference, an example of Running Several Management Agents from a Command File - just to get that command-line theme in there. :-)