More about the WMI Command-Line (WMIC)

I thought I would do a few searches for WMIC, and I realized I am a bit behind the times.

  1. From July 24, 2002, we had a Microsoft Support “WebCast titled WMIC: A New Approach to Managing Windows Infrastructure
  2. from a Command Line” – quite a bit of Q&A there to consume.
  3. WMI Tools, which include WMI CIM Studio: view and edit classes, properties, qualifiers, and instances in a CIM repository; run selected methods; generate and compile MOF files. WMI Object Browser: view objects, edit property values and qualifiers, and run methods.
  4. From July 2002 (probably the same webcast), we have “Examples of WMIC commands
  5. From the March 2002 edition of Windows IT Pro magazine is a great article about WMIC.
  6. Information from the Platform SDK
  7. And if you want to start writing some scripts that you can run from the command line that use WMI (ignoring the WMIC), then I highly suggest digging into the WMI Scripting Primer Part 1 and Part 2. A couple of years ago I wrote a bunch of VB scripts to help manage our demo environment of virtual machines. Now we just use Microsoft Operations Manager to do those same tasks, and quite a bit more.

It just goes to show that there is so much inside Windows XP/2003, that I am still finding new (to me) content to help me dig into new (to me) topics.