Strategy Focused Organization

Thinking about applying Balanced Scorecard ideas to an organization comes down to making that organization (company, division, team, etc.) focused on the strategy that drives it. You could call this a Strategy Focused Organization. I just watched a nice overview of this idea at, which states:

  1. Translate the strategy so that it can be understood by everyone in the organization.
  2. Align the different parts of the organization to create synergy between the different parts.
  3. Motivate everyone in the organization by making strategy a part of everyone's job.
  4. Learn and adapt to changes (evolutions) by making the process of reviewing and updating your strategy a continuous process.
  5. Mobilize the organization to understand, align, get excited about, and continually improve the strategy by leading by example.

If you're interested, I highly suggest checking out what has to offer - it looks like some good stuff.