Using the netsh Command-Line Tool to Fix Connection Problems

I was recently helping someone in Chicago with an interesting problem that led to me using the netsh command-line tool, which I had never used before.

The Problem

When she would dial into her ISP, she would connect to the ISP, but could not get to any web sites. I noticed that even though the dial-up and TCP/IP configurations looked fine, I couldn't even ping anything.

The Symptom

Running IPConfig from the command line showed that the IP Address and the Default Gateway had the same IP address. I’m pretty sure that’s not going to help! But also, the computer would beep when I would Ping anything, such as one of the DNS Servers.

The Solution

From the command-line, I ran:

  netsh winsock reset

This repaired Winsock, which makes me think the problem was similar to KB article # 317518, which has the same solution.


More Information

As usual, this made me want to dig into netsh some more, so here's what I found:

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