VSTS 2010 Feature: Sequential Test Mix

VSTS 2010 Load Tests offer several new options that can be set on each Scenario in the load test that give you more control over the execution of the Scenarios within the load test and therefore allows you to more easily create a load test that accurately models the load that your are trying to simulate on your servers under test.

The first of these is a new “Text Mix” type based on sequential test order that simply allows you to set up a sequential ordering of the tests that each virtual user will go through. This option is available in the New Load Test and New Scenario Wizards:


The diagram shows an example with 4 virtual users and two tests in the Scenario, and the text below the diagram explains the behavior.

If you select “Based on sequential test order” and click “Next”, the next Wizard page allows to add to and order the tests:



Note that there is no need to enter percentages or pacing information as for the other test mix types.

Once you’ve created the load test Scenario through the Wizard with this test mix type, you can later use the Load Test editor’s Test Mix editor to change the Test Mix type, or add, remove, or change the order of the tests:


For a complete list of the new Web testing and Load Testing features in VSTS 2010 Beta 1 check Ed Glas's list. You can download the beta here.