My Addiction to Twitter


At the beginning of the year, I told myself that I needed to “blog” more and then came across a posting from Guy Kawasaki on How to use Twitter as a Twool. I got hooked! You can check out by Tweets at What makes Twitter cool is the ability to take someone that you know to is a SQL guru like @simon_sabin or @aaronbertrand and find out who they follow and then follow them as well. As a general rule, when someone decides to follow you, you reciprocate. I’ll mostly follow the rule as long as someone takes the time to complete their profile on Twitter and include their blog site. I also look at their Tweets to see if they interest me – at least – do they contain links in their Tweets.

What I like about Twitter is that you have 140 characters to get your point across. That is a perfect amount of text to share URLs on interesting topics to others. You also learn to leverage tools like to create shorter URLs.

So, if I come across a help topic in SQL Server 2008 books on like, I’ll write a quick Tweet like this:

How to topic for SQL Server 2008 RESOURCE GOVERNOR on resetting stats is incorrect - see

Readers can then look at my Community Content response as to how to correctly reset statistics for the new RESOURCE GOVERNOR feature.

I’ve added my Twitter link to the sidebar on the blog. Feel free to follow along.