BizTalk–The Road Ahead

If you are an ISV concerned with the long-term future of BizTalk you should be aware of the BizTalk Roadmap which charts the future of the product.

Biztalk Executive Summary

The future for BizTalk holds plans for achieving more On-Premise Server and Cloud Service Symmetry .   This symmetry will facilitate the connection from on-premise applications to cloud services on Windows Azure platform and from cloud services to on-premise applications. Including the option to deploy some integration services as cloud services on the Windows Azure platform.

In the releases beyond 2010, BizTalk Server will continue to be Microsoft’s Integration Server, further facilitating the implementation of solutions such as Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Business to Business (B2B) Integration. Efficiently managing large scale deployments and ensuring business continuity for mission-critical workloads is going to continue to be crucial for EAI, ESB and B2B solutions. 

We are planning to invest in the following main areas:

  • Deep Microsoft Application Platform Alignment
  • Enterprise Connectivity for Windows Server AppFabric
  • On-Premise Server and Cloud Service Symmetry


Bill Zack