Choosing the Right “Flavor” of LINQ



Last week I recorded an Architect Point of View (arcPOV) session on Choosing the Right Flavor of LINQ for accessing relational data.

An Architectural POV is a short (10-15 minute) video covering a technical topic from the Architect’s point of view. An arcPOV takes the Time-Scope-Resource balance into consideration and discusses the topic within one or more phases of a project. The objective of a POV is to state a position and solicit opinions/feedback from the community on the position taken and its validity.

In this POV I talk about the tradeoffs involved in choosing between the three flavors of LINQ that can be used to access relational data: LINQ to SQL, LINQ to Datasets and LINQ to Entities. I discuss the impact on the project time line and the thought process you would go through evaluating LINQ during the Define phase of a project.

Let me know what you all think.

Bill Zack



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