SQL Azure, Houston and a Side Note

SQL Azure & Project Houston



Houston is a new Silverlight tool to allow you to develop and manage your SQL Azure databases. CTP1 of Houston is now available here.


The SQL Azure team has also written a blog post entitled “Getting Started with Project Houston: Part 1 “. In this blog series the SQL Azure team lays the ground work for working with project Houston, the light weight database management tool for SQL Azure. See here.

And a side note:

There is a myth circulating that Azure only = .Net. In fact you can run any language/platform that runs on Windows Server 2008 in Azure, so long as the code does not do something that Azure forbids or does not support like requiring Administrative Mode. (That is only until the new Windows Azure VM Role is available later this year).

Many of our large deployments are running native code, with .Net providing just the boot strap (Process.Start). Many of them are also 32bit.


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