Windows Phone 7 Will Be Available To Consumers November 8th!

Today we announced that Windows Phones will be available for consumer purchase thru At&T November 8th! Make sure your app is ready in time for consumers by following the below timeline:

  • Oct 11: Participating early certification developers will receive instructions on submitting their xaps, allowing those apps to be published in Marketplace in the lead up to, and after, launch.
  • Oct 12-November: Microsoft will continue processing submissions and prioritizing new requests in the order they are received until the self-serve submission process is broadly enabled.

Need help getting started with how to build your app and the resources available? Check out the Windows Phone 7 Launch Events and MPR below.


Windows Phone 7 Launch Events:

Get ready to capitalize on this exciting new frontier with two days of fast-paced learning. Day One takes you under the hood of Windows Phone 7 with the tools and fundamentals of application development, plus design scenarios using Silverlight, XNA and the Windows Phone 7 SDK. Day Two is all about turning your napkin sketches into real, sellable apps. Go at your own pace to build your app and upload it to the full-service Marketplace. Register at

Additional Resources:

Microsoft Platform Ready is always available online to help you develop, test and deploy your WP7 app. Get access to trainings, offers and 24/7 support @


Bill Zack