adCenter API tokens ? 3 types of tokens for different scenarios

If you have a history of high monthly expenditures on adCenter, you can get tokens to  access accounts programmatically via the adCenter API. If you want to have access to the adCenter API, then contact your adCenter account representative to discuss the nomination process.

In addition to a user name and password, API users need a developer token or code to access their data.

adCenter provides 3 kinds of API access to suit the needs of different customers. There are 3 kinds of tokens:

Single-user tokens  -- These work only with one customer’s user name and password – not any other customer accounts. Agencies may use single-user tokens when they manage multiple customer campaigns under the same account. Agencies may also use single-user tokens if they manage accounts on behalf of a customer.

3rd-Party Developer tokens – These work with any valid adCenter credentials. Tool developers, who provide software or services for use by many adCenter users, will want this type of token. This is also the most restricted token. If you are requesting this type of token, then you should understand the nomination process, talk with your business representative, and explain the business need. Agencies  or Resellers may also use 3rd Party developer tokens based on requirements.  Please discuss with your business representative on whether it is a good fit for your needs.

Aggregator tokens -- Aggregators handle search advertising for hundreds or thoursands of small businesses. They are also known as "resellers" or Small and Medium Business (SMB) Aggregators. This token is provided to these customers, and allows the creation of new adCenter customers via the API. Users accessing the API with this token can manage any customer accounts that they have created. The aggregators can create new customers in adCenter for each new business they bring on.

adCenter will continue to offer these 3 types of tokens for developers. In some cases, you may need more than one type or need to change token types. To discuss this, you should contact your account representatives.