adCenter API Version 5 Preview


Archived: November 28, 2007

The Microsoft adCenter API will soon upgrade to Version 5 Web Services Description Language (WSDL) to improve efficiency, performance, and functionality. Some of the new features include streamlined campaign updates, improved error handling, new report options, and more.

Preliminary documentation for the V5 release is now available on MSDN. This content is provided in advance of the release to give you more background on the features and changes in V5.

The following are the key topics for the V5 documentation:

Be aware that this is preliminary documentation and may not be identical to the actual published WSDLs. We will make every effort to keep the documentation as accurate as possible.

(Update Dec. 20th by Chris Norred) adCenter API version 5 has been added to sandbox. The following are the sandbox WSDLs for both version 5 and version 4:

Sandbox WSDLs:



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